Friday, March 4, 2011

Culture of China Celebrated in Library Programs and Displays

On Tuesday March 15th at 7pm the library will present a screening of a Chinese film (in Mandarin with subtitles). This 1999 film starring Zhang ZiYi (Crouching Tiger...) in a mesmerizing story of love and loss. A teacher wanting to give his knowledge to the next generation and a farm girl wanting to share her very soul with the man she loves. This is how in the winter of a a life, the summer is remembered.

On Wednesday, March 16th at 5:30pm Gloria Wong and some of her friends will give a demonstration of Chinese cooking. Audrey Leaf will make her delicious crab rangoon. Father Rob, rector at Grace Episcopal Church, always enjoys making hot and sour soup and will show us how to make his specialty. Beth LeBeau will be making chop suey and chow mein. Gloria will be teaching us the basics with her ingredients for stir fry. Our cooking classes are always popular, so be sure to sign up in advance.

On Tuesday, March 29th at 7pm, Hal Garneau will present the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong. Mahjong is played with a set of intricately decorated tiles traditionally made of carved bone backed with bamboo. Hal will describe all the fascinating nuances of the Chinese version of the game and will teach the rules of play in an easy-to-understand fashion. Everyone will then be able to watch or play a hand or two after the lecture. A selection from Hal's collection of Mahjong sets will be featured in the library display case throughout the month of March.

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