Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Art in the Stacks: Alida O’Loughlin, "Moments of Light"

The Friends of the Vineyard Haven Public Library are pleased to present "Moments of Light", an exhibit of photographs by Alida O’Loughlin. The exhibit will be on display during regular library hours througout the month of May.

Alida O’Loughlin came to professional photography late in life. She was early 70’s when she showed for the first time any of the photographs she had taken in the course of her lifetime - time spent on demanding careers while raising three children by herself. She is self- taught and uses a simple non-digital camera.

In 2003 she won first prize for Professional Photography in both the Landscape and the Seascape category at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair.

Alida grew up in Holland, close to the North Sea, “where” she states,” there was always a special interplay between the sky, the clouds, the wind, the water and whatever sunlight might bring shadows”. She now lives and works on Martha’s Vineyard where many of her more recent photographs are taken.

"Art in the Stacks" is an initiative of the Friends of the Vineyard Haven Public Library, to provide individual artists an opportunity to show their work, and for library patrons to enjoy art at the library throughout the year.

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