Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EnvisionWare: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did the library purchase EnvisionWare software?

A. EnvisionWare provides equitable access to the public computers by enforcing a time limit for each user when the computers are in high demand and encourages patrons to be more conservative when printing at the library. It also helps the library recover printing costs.

Q. How do I log on a computer?

A. Type in your 13-digit library card number at the logon screen. If you do not have a library card, you may request a one-day, thirty minute guest pass at a library circulation desk.

Q. What if all of the computers are in use?

A. At the Reservation and Printing Station (near the Circulation Desk):

* Click "Make a Reservation"
* Select Next Available PC
* Enter library card number or guest pass number
* Cardholders may choose Internet or Word Processing
* Guest pass holders choose Express
* Accept reservation, and print a receipt.
* At the time indicated, logon to the computer indicated on your receipt

Q. How does EnvisionWare manage time?

A. For library card users, the system will extend computing sessions (after prompting the user) by 20 minute increments when computers are available. For users with guest passes, the system will extend computing sessions (after prompting the user) by 15 minute increments when computers are available.

As reservations are made at the Computer Sign-In Station, there is a chance that the computer a patron is using will become reserved by another patron. The person using the computer will be allowed to use the remaining time on their timer, and then the computer must be relinquished to the patron who has the reservation.

Patrons using a library card are guaranteed an initial 1 hour. Time management beyond the first hour controls how long a library card user can stay on a computer. When computers are full, the system determines which computer(s) are eligible to be reserved based on whose time is "up" first.

Q. Will I receive a warning message before the end of my session?

A. EnvisionWare has a small countdown timer that remains in view.

Q. Can I make a reservation for another day?

A. Patrons with library cards may reserve a computer one day in advance at the Reservation and Printing Station. Reservations will be held for 10 minutes past your scheduled starting time.

Q. How does EnvisionWare manage printing?

A. EnvisionWare uses a print release station to allow users to access and pay for print jobs. You will be asked to enter your library card number at the Reservation and Printing Station. If you used a guest pass to log on the computer, you will enter the guest pass number. Once you have entered your library card number—or guest pass number—the Print Station screen will display your print jobs. Select the job you wish to print and pay using the coin and bill acceptor.

Printing charges are 25 cents per page. The print release station coin box accepts coins as well as $1 and $5 bills. Change is given in quarters only.

To print from your laptop connected to the library wifi, click here to download the print client. Install the client and print as needed. Proceed to the Reservation and Print Station to pay and release your printouts.

Q. Can I lock a computer and come back?

A. Yes. EnvisionWare allows you to lock a computer, but your time continues to count down. If your time runs out while the computer is locked, you will be logged off. If you leave a computer locked for more than 15 minutes, a staff member may end your session so that someone else can use the computer.

Q. Do I need to be concerned about my privacy with EnvisionWare?

A. No, EnvisionWare only keeps track of the time you have spent using the computer during one day. At the end of the day, all patron data is deleted. EnvisionWare provides general reports on computer usage, but the report data is not tied to individual patrons.

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