Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Town "Vision Planning" Survey at the Library

The Tisbury Planning Board is preparing to conduct a community-wide "vision planning" process to help prepare the town to manage its future. To begin the process, community members are invited complete a brief survey, now available at the Vineyard Haven Library.

Vision planning is a process by which a community envisions the future it wants and plans how to achieve it. Through a series of facilitated community workshops, participants will discover common values upon which to base a vision plan and guide future actions. The plan will establish manageable community goals and an action plan to accomplish the vision.

Why now: the town will face a number of important issues in the coming years. A Vision Plan created with broad community participation will establish a framework to guide town decisions and enable us to take advantage of future development and funding opportunities.

Participation: Your voice is important. Residents, property owners and businesses are encouraged to participate in the planning workshops.

Schedule: Workshops will begin in late summer and run through the fall. Surveys will be available at the Vineyard Haven Public Library through the month of August.

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