Thursday, September 24, 2015

Holiday Closings, Halloween, and Sunday Hours!

The library will be closed for the Columbus Day holiday on Monday, October 12th. We will also be closed for the day on Friday, October 30th for computer upgrades and staff training.

The library will be open special evening hours for Halloween on Saturday, October 31st. We will stay open until 8pm that evening so your family can take a break from trick-or-treating and enjoy cider and candy provided by the Friends of the Library.

Sunday, November 1st will be the first Sunday of the season that the library will be open. The library will be open from noon-4pm throughout the winter, except for a few holiday weekends. As in past years, the Friends of the Library will be presenting a variety of special programs on Sunday afternoons, including a play reading and free craft programs with Jennifer for adults and teens.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5k Results!

 Martha's Vineyard HS Track & CC Team                               HY-TEK's Meet Manager
                          Vineyard Haven Library 5K - 9/20/2015                          
                                       Tisbury, MA                                       
                                  Last Completed Event                                   
Mixed 5000 Meter Run
      Comp#  Name                            Team                             Time Points
    1   337  DA Silva, Rene             M29  Unattached                   17:42.00       
    2   348  Steenkamp, Reaan           M48  Unattached                   19:21.00       
    3   366  Condon, Jimmy              M15  Brant Rock, MA               19:36.00       
    4   364  Graves, Joel               M35  Edg, MA                      21:06.00       
    5   352  Goldsmith, Mike            M53  OB, MA                       21:39.00       
    6   331  Gustafson, Kim             W35  Unattached                   21:52.00       
    7   379  Story, Nate                 M9  VH, MA                       22:49.00       
    8   349  Cherry, Catherine          W14  Unattached                   23:08.00       
    9   378  Ferrone, Christine         W44  Tisbury, MA                  24:03.00       
   10   365  Condon, Katie              W20  Brant Rock, MA               24:04.00       
   11   359  O'Mara, James              M50  VH, MA                       24:28.00       
   12   361  Brown, Katie               W40  VH, MA                       24:31.00       
   13   381  Porterfield, Charles        M9  VH, MA                       24:32.00       
   14   369  Condon, Jack               M48  Brant Rock, MA               25:18.00       
   15   370  McCann, Catey              W22  VH, MA                       25:23.00       
   16   382  Coogan, Catherine          W41  VH, MA                       25:33.00       
   17   360  O'Mara, Heidi              W41  VH, MA                       25:42.00       
   18   367  Condon, Michael            M13  Brant Rock, MA               25:45.00       
   19   368  Condon, Julie              W11  Brant Rock, MA               25:47.00       
   20   358  Wendt, Irene               W49  VH, MA                       25:55.00       
   21   335  Donnelly, Kevin            M65  Unattached                   26:09.00       
   22   375  Roberts, Tobey             M10  VH, MA                       26:35.00       
   23   374  Magiera, Kara              W41  Coventry, RI                 26:45.00       
   24   356  Casper, Karen              W46  VH, MA                       27:29.00       
   25   363  Nolan, Diane               W50  WT, MA                       28:04.00       
   26   350  Kirk, Kimberly             W48  Unattached                   29:02.00       
   27   351  Brown, Meghan              W25  VH, MA                       29:37.00       
   28   383  Goodale, Renee             W16  VH, MA                       29:52.00       
   29   336  Connolly, Mary             W60  Unattached                   30:14.00       
   30   372  Kopoyan, Robin             W49  Worcester, MA                30:42.00       
   31   377  Norton, Jonathan           M11  VH, MA                       31:23.00       
   32   345  Austin, Jim                M73  Unattached                   31:57.00       
   33   334  Sawyer, Thomas             M50  Unattached                   32:07.00       
   34   380  Morris-Porterfield, Stacey W45  VH, MA                       34:25.00       
   35   384  Materese, Kim              W52  Wakefield, MA                34:28.00       
   36   330  Clough, Marston            M72  Unattached                   34:56.00       
   37   371  Geraghty, James            M51  Quincy, MA                   35:30.00       
   38   340  Kathryn, Phelps            W30  Unattached                   36:42.00       
   39   373  Chapmann, Michelle         W40  Farmington, CT               37:07.00       
   40   376  Jims, Elizabeth            W36  OB, MA                       37:11.00       
   41   342  Webster, Kara              W36  Unattached                   37:28.00       
   42   329  Clough, Louise             W67  Unattached                   38:21.00       
   43   385  Biggs, Ashley              W13  VH, MA                       38:26.00       
   44   386  Fhagen-Smith, Ayonna       W13  VH, MA                       38:28.00       
   45   362  Callen, Sheylah            W39  Edg, MA                      39:38.00       
   46   355  Pil, Peter                 M48  VH, MA                       40:38.00       
   47   332  Schneider, Audrey          W73  Unattached                   41:36.00       
   48   338  Street, Pamela             W68  Unattached                   43:00.00       
   49   389  Bowen, Dylan               W11  VH, MA                       48:02.00       
   50   339  Street, John               M75  Unattached                   48:10.00       
   51   343  Rose, Tracy                W33  Unattached                   48:17.00       
   52   344  Gatchell, Jennifer         W33  Unattached                   48:18.00       
   53   353  Trani, Susan               W64  Edg, MA                      50:36.00       
   54   354  Trani, Peter               M67  Edg, MA                      50:37.00       
   55   390  Bowen, Susan               W38  VH, MA                       58:03.00       
   56   391  Bowen, Stephen             M47  VH, MA                       58:04.00       
   57   388  Bowen, Linda               W70  VH, MA                       59:34.00       
   58   357  Feldman, Sam               M86  Chilmark, MA               1:04:56.00       
   59   387  Grosson, Pat               M70  VH, MA                     1:05:01.00       
   60   333  Eugster, Elaine            W78  Unattached                 1:05:02.00       
   61   346  Kraljic, Tamara            W32  Unattached                 1:11:26.00       
   62   347  Bruno, William             M35  Unattached                 1:11:27.00       

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Implementing the Tisbury Vision Plan

The Vision Council
The Tisbury Planning Board has formed the Tisbury Vision Council to coordinate community participation in the implementation of the Tisbury Vision Plan and welcomes participation by all residents and business owners as members of the Council.
The Council will focus on the attainment of vision goals through the hosting of meetings and workshops, develop collaborative partnerships, and coordinate community outreach. Resident and business groups will be able to bring forth ideas that support the vision and help shepherd them to completion with support from the Council and volunteers. The Planning Board will provide ongoing support to the Council to facilitate communication and coordination among town committees and departments regarding ongoing projects and accomplishments.
Regularly scheduled Council meetings
The vision council will meet at the Vineyard Haven Library on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. The first meeting of the vision council is scheduled for Thursday, September 10th from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.
Agenda outline:
  • Report and discuss ongoing projects
  • Prioritize additional projects and workshops
  • Review opportunities for volunteer participation

Help be part of the solution by participating in the Vision Council meetings, volunteering to be part of projects teams, and initiating community projects that support the attainment of the town’s vision goals. All residents and business owners are welcome members of the Tisbury Vision Council.

Contact the Planning Board:
(508) 696-4270 Ext. 1122

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Art in the Stacks: Peter Dreyer

The Friends of the Vineyard Haven Library are pleased to present an exhibit of photographs by Peter Dreyer. The exhibit will be on display on the lower level of the library, during regular library hours throughout the month of September.

Peter Dreyer had his own commercial photography business for 39 years. Now retired to Martha's Vineyard, he still uses black and white film and a "wet" darkroom. His portfolio consists of landscape and nature photography as well as prints manipulated in various ways to create interesting effects. None of the effects in his prints are done with the help of PhotoShop. 

The Vineyard Haven Public Library's "Art in the Stacks" space features rotating monthly exhibits and is managed by the Friends of the Library. The library also has a permanent collection of artworks that are displayed throughout the year, including 12 paintings by Vineyard artist Captain John Ivory. Artists interested in showing their work may contact the library at (508) 696-4210.