Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tisbury Time Capsule Opening April 29th

In January 1967, students in the Tisbury School sixth grade class taught by Dorothy R. Howell placed a time capsule in the wall of the Vineyard Haven Public Library, with the intention of opening the capsule 50 years later, in 2017. Now, former students and the public are invited to witness the Time Capsule Opening Ceremony and share refreshments and memories, beginning at 4pm on Saturday, April 29th.

The capsule was first placed at the library in 1967, when the building was under construction. When the library was renovated and expanded in 1998, the time capsule was uncovered under the supervision of Mrs. Howell and student H. Lester Baptiste, but was left unopened and secured inside a wall in the new building. Earlier this month, the Tisbury Department of Public Works put a camera inside the wall to locate the time capsule, which appears to be still intact. An access panel was put in place to protect the capsule until the opening ceremony.

Students in the participating 6th grade class included Linda Alley, H. Lester Baptiste Jr., Tom Bardwell, Edward Buckley, Cindy Burgess, Richard Clark, Janet Cottle, Brian Dolby, Debbie Fitzpatrick, Steven Hopp, Chad Johnson, Joan Johnson, Belinda Maseda, Ann Richards, Dennis Rogers, John Schilling, Elmer Silva, Martha Sprague, Joyce Stiles, Carol Thatcher, and David Vanderhoop. In addition to selecting items to fill the time capsule, the Tisbury school students earned money to purchase supplies and a commemorative plaque engraved by Melvin Doremus.

Items found in the Time Capsule will be documented, and will be on display at the library during the month of May, 2017, and on the Time Capsule Facebook page:

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