Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Free Online Access to Consumer Reports With Your Library Card

http://www.vhlibrary.org/#consumerRead product reviews and ratings before you make your next big purchase! The Vineyard Haven Public Library offers free access to ConsumerReports.org through our Web site at www.vhlibrary.org.

ConsumerReports.org features ratings and recommendations on thousands of products and services, including appliances, cars, and electronics.Through our subscription, you have access to all subscriber-level content, including product overviews, ratings, videos, and more. Additionally, you can browse electronic editions of recent issues of the print Consumer Reports magazine.

To access ConsumerReports.org, click on the logo found under "Featured Resources" on the library homepage, www.vhlibrary.org/. You will need to enter your Vineyard Haven CLAMS card number for access from computers outside the library.

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