Saturday, July 7, 2018

Mice Against Ticks: 7 pm Thursday, July 12th

Mice Against Ticks is a community-guided project which aims to reduce the number of disease-carrying ticks on Martha’s Vineyard by enlisting our local white-footed mice. At 7pm this Thursday July 12th at the Katharine Cornell Theater in Vinyard Haven, The Vineyard Haven Public Library will present a panel discussion about community-guided science and the ethical implications of altering our shared environment to reduce tick-borne disease.

The New Yorker’s Michael Specter will lead the discussion. Panelists will include MIT assistant professor Dr. Kevin Esvelt, Dr. Sheila Jasanoff, Professor of Science and Technology Studies at the Harvard Kennedy School, Dr. Duane Wesemann of Brigham & Women's and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Sam Telford of Tufts, and Dr. Carolyn Neuhaus of The Hastings Center.

The program will include opening remarks by local science-fiction author John Sundman, lightning talks on the cutting-edge science behind Mice Against Ticks, and a game of Lyme prevention trivia with permethrin-treated prizes. Everyone is invited to ask questions of the lead scientists involved in the effort, and join the conversation in this program about biotechnology, bioethics and the fight against tick-borne disease!

7 pm Thursday, July 12th
Katharine Cornell Theater, 51 Spring Street, Vineyard Haven

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