Saturday, July 21, 2018

Upcoming Author Appearances at Vineyard Haven Public Library

These programs at the Vineyard Haven Public Library are free and open to the public. Please join us!

7 PM Tuesday July 24th
Chris Baer: Martha's Vineyard Tales from Pirates on Lake Tashmoo to Baxter's Saloon
Chris Baer is an endless well of Martha’s Vineyard arcana who has written over 150 columns for the Martha's Vineyard Times. His newest book is a collection of 65 of these columns with wonderful photographs.

7 PM Wednesday July 25th
Daniel Goleman: A Force for Good
Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized psychologist known for his bestselling books including Emotional Intelligence, Focus, and Altered Traits. Dr. Goleman will speak about his collaboration with the Dalai Lama on the recent book A Force for Good: the Dalai Lama's Vision for our World. Doors open at 6:30pm, attendance limited to first arrivals.

7 PM Tuesday August 7th
Rob Bierregaard: Belle’s Journey
Belle was one of the first Ospreys to be tagged at her nest on Martha’s Vineyard in 2013. The travels of Belle to Brazil and back is the heart of the book Belle's Journey: An Osprey Takes Flight.

3:30 PM PM Thursday, August 9th
Storytime and Book Signing with Rosemary Wells
Rosemary Wells is the author of 120 books for children, including more than 40 about the beloved bunnies Max and Ruby. This afternoon Rosemary Wells will read her new story, Kit & Kaboodle.

7 PM Thursday, August 9th
Richard Taylor: Race Property and the Power of Place
Martha's Vineyard is an exceptional community in America that has seen blacks and whites live together without the burden of structural institutional racism. This book uncovers, frames and connects the dots of a historical narrative that defines the vision and values class on the Island as well as the Age of Brooke and the Age of Obama.

7 PM Tuesday, August 14th
Andrew Robinson: My Island, My Memories
Andrew Robinson spent his summers on Martha's Vineyard from childhood on. In this book, he combines description and history of the resort and its changes over the years with memories of his own, his family's, and his friends' lives.

7 PM Wednesday, August 22rd
All the Women in My Family Sing: Women Write the World
All the Women in My Family Sing is an anthology documenting the experiences of women of color at the dawn of the twenty-first century. WGBH’s Callie Crossley will moderate a panel of four other contributors to the anthology, including award-winning documentarian Lisa A Jones, freelance writer Kristin Leavy-Miller, social justice activist and business leader Deborah Santana, and Lalita Tademy, author of Cane River and other novels. This event will be held at the Katharine Cornell Theater, 51 Spring Street.

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