Monday, July 15, 2019

Soul-Error: Philip Weinstein Talk and Reading

On Tuesday, July 23rd at 5 PM, Philip Weinstein will give a talk and reading at Vineyard Haven Public Library, based on his forthcoming manuscript, Soul-Error. Professor Weinstein describes Soul-Error as "a mix of essays about childhood, autumnal ruminations about the teaching profession, and speculative explorations about how we (the smartest species around) tend to get things wrong, and thus go through our lives mis-taking (and revising) our sense of how things are and what really matters."

Professor Weinstein will read from his essay "Vannie," named for the maid who helped to bring him up in the South in the 1940s and 1950s. The talk will explore what Vannie meant to the author and his family then, before setting forth what he has come to understand, years later, about those same social arrangements. It is a study in contrasts--experienced by the author and by countless other Americans as well. This event is free and refreshments will be served.

Philip Weinstein is Alexander Griswold Cummins Professor of English Emeritus at Swarthmore College.  He has been offering literary courses sponsored by the Vineyard Haven Library every autumn. His publications include Henry James and the Requirements of the Imagination (1971), The Semantics of Desire: Changing Models of Identity from Dickens to Joyce (1984), Faulkner’s Subject: A Cosmos No One Owns (1992), What Else But Love? The Ordeal of Race in Faulkner and Morrison (1996), Unknowing: The Work of Modernist Fiction (2005), Becoming Faulkner(2009), and Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage (2015). 

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