Saturday, April 29, 2017

Selected Events of 1967 on Martha's Vineyard

What was happening on Martha's Vineyard in 1967, when the Tisbury School Time Capsule was installed at the Vineyard Haven Public Library? Here are some of the big stories that year, as reported by the Vineyard Gazette:
  • A large sturgeon washed up at Wasque
  • Vandals shot up the Tisbury police station, stole copper, and ransacked summer homes (including Katharine Cornell’s)
  • A new dock opened in Oak Bluffs
  • Plans were announced for the A&P grocery store and Dairy Queen
  • A capital campaign raised funds to purchase Cedar Tree Neck for conservation
  • Bicycle paths for the island were proposed
  • A Northeast plane crash landed in the dark
  • Under Secretary of State Nicholas deB. Katzenbach got lost in fog
  • A "book brigade" helped move Vineyard Haven Public Library into a new building
  • Vineyarders traveled to Expo 67, a World's Fair held in Montreal
  • Art Buchwald proposed building a subway to Boston
  • "Hippies" made trouble after being stranded on Illumination Night
  • A former telephone building in Vineyard Haven was converted to a Youth Center (now Educomp)
  • The new Vineyard Haven Yacht Club was commissioned
  • A dairy truck capsized and spilled milk in West Chop
  • The Island Film Society was created and began showing films that summer
  • 82 species were identified in the annual bird count
  • Gus Ben David created an island in Sunset Lake for nesting swans, and fuzzy cygnets were born

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