Monday, July 8, 2019

Art in the Stacks: Beneath the Barcode


This month, the Friends of the Library's Art in the Stacks gallery space will feature photographs from Media Voices for Children's 'Beneath the Barcode' project. Beneath the Barcode is a documentary photo exhibit intended to raise our attention to the impact of our economic choices on children.

The exhibit examines very particular sectors of child labor found in poorer parts of the world and across the United States. The show is a chance to examine how children factor into the production, transport, manufacturing, refining and distribution of all the things we eat, buy and use. There are scenes taking place everywhere, from dumpsites in Indonesia, to commercial farms in Texas.  For more information visit the project website,

The Vineyard Haven Public Library's "Art in the Stacks" space features rotating monthly exhibits and is managed by the Friends of the Library. The library also has a permanent collection of artworks that are displayed throughout the year, including 12 paintings by Vineyard artist Captain John Ivory. Artists interested in showing their work may contact the library at (508) 696-4210.

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